Self Service

Just create your login and start using, you don't need special skills to use QuizUs. Just follow help instructions and you are good to go.

User Friendly Design

We have designed QuizUs in such a way that you don't need to get dependent on anyone to get your tasks done. Simply create tests and deploy, we will do the rest.

Practice Tests

We allow publishers to publish ⁄ sell practice tests and let the walk-in user/visitor attempt it. This provision is to market yourself to visitors. You will know more once you publish a practice test.

Support Forum

We are forum driven, if you need help then join Quizus's Google Group and we shall help you there.

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Our Focus on Features

Reliable and International Platform

We have engineered QuizUs in a way that it fullfills demand of all geographies by supporting 99 most spoken languages of the world. Click here to know more

Everything is perfectly orgainized

With elegant UI and simple navigation we have made sure that nothing looses your eye sight. The UI and product navigation is designed considering ease for users. Click here to know more

Easiest Test Designing and Scheduling

We would like to call it a 2 minute utility to design any kind of objective test on the fly followed with simple steps (through wizard). It has all that you need to design an quiz / test, in fast, robust and reliable manner. Click here to know more.

Best in class analytics

With our result data analytics you can get the visual plots via charts - that illustrates candidate's over all performance in assessment/test. Not to mention that we understand the requirement of PDF export and that is included. Click here to know more.

QuizUs Question Database

We have comunity questions database which consists of question on various subjects and topics. You can use them to start with or use your own questions. If you are interested to donate questions, please contact us on support forum.

Still Thinking

Let us know your email-id and we will send you updates, yes we are desperate to have you with us!